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Our Services

What services do we provide?

BOHEC has a reliable and experienced team who are specialized in turn-key projects. We will carry our clients through the procurement process and suggest the most cost-effective solutions according to their requirements. Through the different portfolios of manufacturers we have, we will ensure they have the most suitable equipment according to their operations. We will handle the project management, relieve them from any headaches, and take on all the different stages involved with the designing, procurement, fabrication, including the technicality, up to the after-sales of our equipment.


Project Management

  • Our dedicated Sales team will handle the procurement process and suggest to clients different proposals in order to determine which is the most sound for their operation. ​

  • During the design process, we will gather the client's ideas,  inspiration and concepts, and render the preliminary stages of their ultimate kitchen or laundry design. The Design team will take into account functionality, effective workflows within a hazard-free framework.​

  • To follow we will provide a timeline for the different stages during the execution of your project​

  • ​Once the MEP drawings are issued, we will coordinate with contractors to verify all electro-mechanical requirements are carried through as per manufacturers' specifications.​

  • Following the testing of the equipment, and flushing of all plumbing and gas systems, our technical team will ensure the equipment is installed as per manufacturers' recommendations.​​

  • Subsequently, we will perform the commissioning of the equipment ensuring all the equipment is functioning properly.

  • In the final stages of the project, our technical team will provide training to the client in order for the equipment to be operated properly. We will verify with the operator, all the equipment is properly functioning according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

Project Management

Stainless Steel Fabricators and Manufacturers in UAE

  • We are one of the leading stainless steel fabricators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our fabrication process is very flexible, and we can reassure the client in regards to the quality and finishes of the end product.

  • We can provide different grades of stainless steel, and thicknesses with American & European specifications.

  • As reputed stainless steel fabricators in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we also provide value engineering,  depending on the client's budget and we can find resourceful alternative designs to reduce costs.

  • Our fabricators are very knowledgeable when it comes to hygiene standards. When it comes to ADIFCA requirements, we are very experienced in terms of HACCP standards. Bohec constantly adheres to new standards especially when it comes to custom fabrication for the Hospitality & Health care section.

  • We have innovative equipment with cutting edge technology and are constantly updating our fabrication processes according to the latest trends.

Staineless Steel Fabrication
After Sales Services

After Sales Services

  • Bohec Middle East Co is not only one of the renowned stainless steel manufacturers in UAE, but we also provide the most professional after-sales services. We have a technical team that is available 24 /7 and can attend maintenance requests immediately if required on the same day. ​

  • We can handle all urgent requirements swiftly and in a professional manner. Inquiries are dealt with care and provided within 24 hours.

  • ​We provide preventive maintenance contracts tailored as per our client's necessities. Our team is regularly trained directly by our manufacturers in order to enhance quality in regards to the servicing of the equipment. 

  • We can assist the client in order to reduce operations costs, mounting costs for regular service calls. By taking on the headache of providing the maintenance for the equipment, the client will improve operations, the lifetime of the equipment, and reduce the short & long-term costs.

  • Our spare parts section maintains a substantial stock from different brands, this relieves the pressure of our clients with unexpected delays in running their equipment.

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