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Industrial Kitchen & Laundry Equipment Distributors 

Leading Distributors of Industrial Kitchen Equipment in UAE

Are you in search of industrial kitchen equipment distributors in the UAE? Bohec Middle East Co. is one of the leading distributors of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment with over 47 years of experience. Over these years, we have built and maintained a strong reputation for delivering products of the highest quality and standards, thus ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. 


The success of any food service business depends on the quality of the food and the service you offer. Whether you are running an independent catering business or are a part of a fast-food chain or restaurant, keeping your kitchen facilities in excellent condition is integral. Without a top-quality commercial kitchen establishment, preparing and serving your customers with delicious meals would be difficult and time-consuming. Our vast and diverse range of industrial kitchen equipment is sourced from well-known brands and manufacturers, ensuring peace of mind and the best value for your money. Boasting high quality and durability, all our products are perfect for rigorous use in the busiest commercial kitchens.  

We are one of the reputed industrial kitchen equipment distributors in Abu Dhabi and Dubai who can offer you the most extensive ranges of commercial kitchen equipment without breaking the bank. Our industry-specific experience and expertise have helped us understand the unique challenges and demands of commercial food preparation. That is why we only stock top-notch products from high-valued manufacturers to ensure your kitchen facilities are resilient enough to withstand the wear and tear of regular heavy-duty use.


Industrial Laundry Equipment Distributors in Dubai

At Bohec Middle East Co., we also offer quality laundry solutions to customers throughout the UAE. So whether you are searching for brand new equipment for your commercial space or are planning to replace your outdated equipment, Bohec Middle East Co can help you with the right set of products and services. Being one of the leading industrial laundry equipment distributors in the UAE, we offer a complete line of laundry equipment and accessories sourced from renowned brands at reasonable costs. 


Investing in good-quality laundry equipment ensures a myriad of benefits for your business. Having the latest models of laundry equipment equates to a significant improvement in your service quality and reputation. In addition, when you invest in commercial laundry equipment, you can be assured of availing improved efficiency with faster cycle times, reduced energy consumption and significant cost savings. From dryers, laundromats, ironers to pressing machines and washing systems, we have a vast and varied range of industrial laundry equipment that can be scaled based on the volume of laundry you work with or your facility's size. 


Bohec Middle East Co has been helping our customers select the right equipment for their commercial kitchen and laundry needs through professional guidance and expertise. We understand that every commercial space has different requirements, and our team of professionals combines their knowledge and experience in delivering tailored solutions for diverse clients across the UAE. From planning to design and installation to maintenance, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and best total value to our customers. Get in touch with our team today for more information on our product line and services. 

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