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Distributors of Coldrooms

Trusted Distributors of Coldrooms in UAE

Cold rooms and storage have become an integral part of the food industry. Being one of the leading coldroom distributors in UAE, Bohec Middle East Co specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining cold rooms and cold storage. We have a team of experts to guide you in choosing the right cold room system suited to your expectations and requirements. Assisting you in each stage of the process, from initial consultation to design and installation of cold rooms, we ensure to deliver customized cold storage solutions for any application and space. 

We have been supplying cold storage and refrigeration equipment for the food and hospitality industry for over 47 years. Our extensive experience has helped us understand the unique challenges and complexities of the food and hospitality industry. That is why we have in-depth knowledge and expertise in rendering industry-specific cold storage solutions for our customers. Recognized as a reputed distributors of coldrooms in UAE, Bohec Middle East Co makes it a point to ensure our clients receive cold storage solutions with the highest efficiency and maximum longevity.


Why Invest in a Cold Room?

Commercial cold room facilities have become an indispensable part of the food and catering industry. If you are running a restaurant or stocking a shop, you might be contemplating whether coldroom is right for you. While relying on a large refrigerator or chest freezers to store and preserve your food items may be compelling, you could significantly benefit from our commercial cold storage solutions. 


Increased business efficiency: Our range of industrial kitchen equipment, cold rooms features much more powerful cooling and storage abilities than standard refrigerators and freezers. Moreover, you can regulate and control the temperature according to your specific needs. We also design and install coldrooms that enable businesses to set the equipment primed for the precise requirements of products that are to be stored within them.  

Added storage space: An industrial cold room acts as an extended storage space where you can organize items in easily accessible ways. Compared to the traditional small-sized fridges, our coldroom facility is spacious with multiple shelves that allow storing more items in a smaller space. No more endless searching for food items or losing track of expiry date on perishables; coldroom storage rooms help you stay on top of your inventory with their organized stock distribution feature. This would help your business save more money and create less waste. 

Improved hygiene and safety: The storage of food items in a hygienic and sanitary space is a must. Our cold room storage is easier to maintain and can be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any chances of bacterial growth or unsanitary work surfaces. Moreover, a coldroom with multiple shelving units offers an exceptionally hygienic solution to organize and store your food items. 


Bohec Middle East Co has been designing, sourcing and distributing industrial coldroom storage from renowned manufacturers and brands, thus ensuring you peace of mind and value for your money. Whatever your coldroom requirements might be, our team of professionals can provide the perfect solution that meets your needs and budget.

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