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Maintenance contracts for Commercial Kitchen & Laundry Equipment 

Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you are running a catering business, restaurant or any food establishment, you know the importance of keeping your kitchen appliances and accessories in their best working condition. From refrigerators to ovens and fryers and cookers, every piece of equipment should function efficiently to keep your business up and running. However, many business owners take their kitchen and cold room equipment for granted, neglecting the preventive maintenance for commercial kitchen equipment, often resulting in appliance failure. When one appliance breaks down, it will create a domino effect on busy schedules leading to customer dissatisfaction, diminished sales and lost revenue. So what you need is a team to take care of your commercial kitchen equipment service and repair needs. Bohec Middle East Co., with a dedicated team of experienced specialists, can offer you a complete solution for maintenance and repairs for all types of industrial kitchens, cold rooms and bakery equipment in the UAE.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance: How it Benefits Your Business? 

At Bohec Middle East Co, we believe regular maintenance and prompt repairing of commercial appliances are integral to the lifespan and efficiency of your kitchen equipment. 


Improved Lifespan: When buying commercial kitchen equipment, your business makes a long-term investment that guarantees returns. However, neglecting regular maintenance and servicing makes your industrial kitchen equipment susceptible to reduced efficiency and unexpected breakdowns. Preventive maintenance for coldrooms, baking tools, and kitchen appliances increases their lifespan and adds further years of high performance.  


Increased Efficiency:  When you properly take care of your appliances with preventative maintenance and timely repairs, their efficiency improves significantly. Conversely, lack of servicing and repairs makes your appliances work harder, burning more power, resulting in higher utility costs. Choosing our commercial kitchen preventive maintenance service ensures you have an efficient and reliable kitchen all the time. 


Better Services: Frequent cleaning and servicing of your industrial kitchen eliminate the likelihood of food contamination and health code violations. In addition, our preventive maintenance service ensures your kitchen is a safe and efficient space for your employees, and the food you prepare is of the highest standards for your customers. 


At Bohec Middle East Co, we understand how important well-maintained and high-performing kitchen equipment is to your business' success, so we provide a complete range of repair and maintenance services you need. Ours is a team of technicians skilled in installing, servicing, and repairing every piece of industrial kitchen equipment, from ovens to refrigerators and everything in between. 


Not just the kitchen tools and appliances, but we also offer preventive maintenance for commercial laundry equipment. Our team, with years of technical experience and expertise, ensures to take care of all your equipment maintenance needs across the UAE. So whether you need an emergency washer repair or regular maintenance and servicing and repairing for Industrial kitchen equipment, Bohec Middle East Co will be there to help you and get the job done right.


Maintenance Contracts for Commercial Laundry & Kitchen Equipment

An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is a formal agreement for ongoing maintenance services signed by a business and service provider. In contrast to emergency repairs and services, AMC contracts for Commercial kitchen cover all maintenance aspects of your business' critical assets, including scheduled preventive maintenance, routine checkups, a dedicated team of technicians, and more. 


We at Bohec Middle East Co have a highly experienced and skilled team for delivering AMC services for commercial kitchen and laundry equipment. Signing maintenance contracts for commercial kitchen equipment with us will help you save money, ensure proper working of your appliances, minimize downtime and extend equipment life. Our AMC contracts for commercial laundry and kitchens are customized based on your requirements and specifications. So make sure all your equipment maintenance needs are taken care of throughout the year with our AMC services in UAE. 


Contact us to know more about your industrial equipment maintenance and servicing needs.

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